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Taking golf to the beach

Bangladesh Professional Golfers’ Association (BPGA) recently took a unique initiative to take the game to the sea-side city of Cox’s Bazar held on March 31 at the sea beach, with cooperation from the local golf authorities and administration. A unique initiative, this event was wholeheartedly welcomed by the people of golf fraternity. Quamrul Islam, Secretary General of BPGA, spoke to TheGolfHouse about this initiative and what they wanted to achieve from it.

Q: Tell us the behind-the-scene story of this event.
A: If I have to say in one word, it is part of our preparation for nation building. We are developing economically. Now if we have to make this development sustainable, we will have to improve in other aspects as well. The other aspects include environment and tourism. We have to develop the nation in an environment friendly way while attract tourists to our country. Golf can play a big role in achieving these things.

Q: What can be the impact of such an initiative?
A: If we can expedite the process, a lot of things can be achieved. We need to do these kinds of things to make economic development a sustainable one. So I think this initiative can have a big impact.

Q: Bangladesh Professional Golfers’ Association (BPGA) is taking a lot of initiatives currently. What do you think has been the impact of these initiatives?
A: We are trying our best. We have a lot of work to do and we need to increase the number of partners to make our work more fruitful one.

Q: The golfers said they enjoyed the event. So when is the next event taking place?
A: We are hoping to host another such event, probably in December or January, when the golf course opens.

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