Modern and Victorian Style By Frame in

We specialize in weaving together contemporary aesthetics with timeless design principles, creating interior spaces that resonate with both modernism and tradition. Led by Principal Architects Samantha Hossain Sheetal and Umayed Samee since 2016, our team curates environments that reflect your unique identity. While staying attuned to design trends, we also honor classical and traditional aspects, ensuring that our spaces evolve while remaining grounded in enduring beauty. Our celebration of modernist sensibilities blended with heritage results in captivating interiors that tell stories. Our commitment to serve better quality to our clients is the one of the core motto of our organization. Discover the FRAME IN difference where innovation meets tradition, and lifestyle finds its architectural expression within four walls.

TGHSouth Majesty, an opulent apartment project by South Breeze, graces the vicinity of Dhanmondi Lake, offering an exquisite blend of modern living and timeless elegance. Spanning 2500 square feet, this luxury residence seamlessly integrates functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.

Design Challenges and Solutions:
The project’s compact footprint posed a significant challenge. However, our design team rose to the occasion, meticulously utilizing every available space. We tailored the layout to meet the client’s specific functional requirements, ensuring that no corner went unused.

Aesthetic Fusion:
In pursuit of a distinctive character, we harmoniously merged contemporary and neo-classical styles. The central spaces—where elegance meets practicality—feature clean lines, subtle ornamentation, and a refined color palette. This fusion creates an individualistic pattern that sets this apartment apart.

Modern and Victorian Style By Frame in

Our celebration of modernist sensibilities blended with heritage

Luxurious Amenities:
Three Fully Equipped Bedrooms: Each bedroom exudes comfort and sophistication, providing a serene retreat for residents. Modern Kitchen: The heart of the home, the kitchen boasts state-of-the-art appliances and ample storage. Laundry Room: Convenience meets functionality, making laundry chores a breeze. Dedicated Study Room: Ideal for remote work or focused study, this room offers tranquility and productivity. The adjoining rest area ensures a comfortable work-life balance.Modern and Victorian Style By Frame in

Central Gathering Space:
The open central area, thoughtfully divided by visual screens, serves three distinct functions: Formal Living: A sophisticated space for hosting guests and engaging in meaningful conversations, Dining: An elegant dining area where culinary delights come alive, Family Living: Defined by a raised wooden deck, a large TV, and plush sofa seating, this area encourages quality family time.Modern and Victorian Style By Frame in

Memorable Moments Await:

Imagine evenings spent gathered around the TV, laughter echoing through the room, and cherished memories unfolding against the backdrop of South Majesty. This luxurious abode promises not just comfort but an elevated lifestyle.


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