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Professional golfer Mohammad Nazimuddin says he is eyeing getting back to the top two positions in the BPGA ranking

Q: How were you introduced to golf?

A: My father brought me to the golf course. However, my younger brother Dulal started as a ball boy before me. So I followed him even though I was posted as a ball boy at the Army Club. During that time, there was a tournament held for ball boys from different clubs at the Dhaka Club where I became champion. Nurul Haque Pradhan sir noticed me and made me his caddie and playing partner. He gave me golf kits. A year later I finished first in qualifiers for the national team. Then I played for BTI for quite a few years and played in different tournaments. A few years later, Pradhan sir sponsored me for tournaments in India.

Q: You have already played three Asian Tour events at home. However, you didn’t perform that well in these events. What do you think was the reason?

A: We were under a coach ahead of the first event and our swing was altered a bit. I think that impacted my game. The second time I was very ill so I couldn’t do that well. The third time I thankfully made the cut. You know there is pressure on us whenever we play such big events. Asian Tour is a really big event for us.

Q: You went to Malaysia recently for a training program under Andrew Argus of Impact Elite Golf Academy. What was the plan behind this training?

A: Our current sponsors Paragon asked us what we were the things that we needed to do well. We said we needed foreign training. The sponsors agreed and then we took a month’s training in Malaysia. We learnt a lot there but we need to put that learning into use. We haven’t been able to do that due to heavy rainfall all through the season.

Q: Has the training lifted your confidence a bit?

A: Indeed it has. I didn’t realize my mistakes earlier. The training helped me realize what changes I need to make to my game.

Q: What is your current plan?

A: My plan is to do well. But it will take time as we need more practice. I’m doing regular practice – chipping, putting and drives.

Q: You did pretty well in the BPGA events this year. What did you do differently?

A: I always set a target in any tournament. For example, I want to finish within top three or top five. I set my mind that way. I don’t take too much stress or don’t lose heart. I’m currently ranked five, but I would like to get into one or two.

Q: Do you have any advice to those who are turning from ball boys to golfers?

A: You need support in golf. You can’t do it on your own. Those willing to play golf will need to make sure of that support to do well. The golf club, the federation and the sponsors are doing a good job anyway.


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