Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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KGC’s Hole No. 3 getting more difficult

From the very first event of the Asian Tour in 2015 the full-time referees of the tour started considering the Hole No. 3 of KGC to be lacking standard par-5 for the players. They found the hole having less distance of 495 yards and difficulty level to be too low. However, they did not see a problem with par-5 Hole No. 14 despite it being only 503 yards, as it poses a much higher difficulty index.

So with the advice of the Asian Tour, the Kurmitolla Golf Club started redesigning Hole No. 3 with increased distance and higher difficulty level.

India’s leading architect Vijit Nandrajog from Golf Design India produced a wonderful design on the invitation of the KGC. The hole is deemed now to present more distance and higher difficulty level. The green has been shifted towards south-right, making yet another dogleg with two wide leaf bunkers presented with stiff high walls out towards the green. The contours on the green for putting and the fairway for approach shots are likely to be harder for maneuver now.

Furthermore, the two bunkers located at first lay-off have been made difficult by making the wall stiff and increasing the length by 10 yards.

The two bunkers would be more in play for many professional players at 1st lay-off. Now the professionals will find the fairway bunkers 280 yards at left and 260 yards at forward-right to carry.



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