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Prof. Shahin Mahbuba Haque’s Golfing Odyssey

In the vibrant tapestry of life, some journeys unfold unexpectedly, leading individuals down paths they never imagined traversing. Such is the case with Prof. Shahin Mahbuba Haque, whose foray into the world of golf began as a mere curiosity but blossomed into a profound passion. From her childhood days filled with artistic pursuits to her illustrious career in the medical field, Prof. Shahin’s life was already rich with diverse experiences. However, it was a chance encounter and a gentle nudge from fate that propelled her into the realm of golf, transforming her life in ways she could have never foreseen.

Tell us about yourself and your family.
I’m Professor Shahin Mahbuba Haque. From my very childhood, I was interested with extracurricular activities such as participating in recitation, storytelling, drama, singing, dancing, etc. I played indoor games such as badminton and table tennis. You know I’m an amateur singer. I have 4 CDs in the market. My husband, Prof Dr AKM Fazlul Haque, is a pioneer colorectal surgeon. We have two sons and two daughters-in-law and they all are doctors. I also have three cute grandsons.

How did you get interested in golf?
Before coming to golf, I used to watch this game on TV. I had a curiosity towards the
game, but I couldn’t understand anything. I thought it would be tough. In 2006, my
husband and I went to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. So in the hotel, I met an aged
Pakistani at the breakfast and he mentioned about golf, asking me, if I have ever played
the game. I told him I didn’t know how to play but I wished I could. He said that it’s
an aristocratic game and very expensive. It’s a game for older people who walk slowly in
the green field, in a group and spend a lovely time. He convinced me and I became much
interested but didn’t know where to play and how to play. But I set my mind about playing

When did you start golfing and who introduced you to the game?

Since my husband is a doctor and a surgeon,he gets to meet and treat a lot of patients. He
did operation on a patient whose father-in-law was Army chief. He tried to convince my
husband to give time for playing golf at the KGC. He invited my husband to become a
member of KGC but my husband didn’t show much interest since its time-consuming. If
you play nine holes, it takes two hours and for 18 holes, it takes up to 3-4 hours. My
husband told me about membership at the KGC and I got interested. I forced him to
become a member anyway. So, we became members and started practising golf with
a professional. Both of us practised for one year. Thanks to everyone, now we are

What is your role as a lady captain of KGC?
It’s a very tough but a very interesting job. In school, I was the class captain from
Class 1- 10. As a lady golfer, we have to face lot of problems, sometimes on the course
sometimes when we play together. We cannot solve those issues on our own. So,
we have a lady captain who tries to listen to our problems and place those issues to EC
Committee. Before I became captain, we had a very nice and friendly and beautiful lady
captain named Mrs. Mahmuda Chowdhury. We call her kochi apu. I thank all the EC
members for selecting me as a lady captain. And nowadays, we have many lady golfers for
whom I am this representative.

Share with us your experience with golf and your involvement in the golfing community?

It’s been a long time, 16 years already that I have been involved with golf. I met a lot of people from home and abroad.

I think of KGC as my second home. Early in the morning, my husband and I come to play which is why we are called early birds. We meet a lot of golfers and they appreciate our effort. Even the ballboys caddies and other staff know us. We take breakfast after the game. We swim here in a big pool. Sometimes we do exercise here. Here we have laundry facility, hair cutting hotel room. We take photos together, make fun. But when we participate in a tournament, we are all serious. I like this beautiful green, friendly golfers (men and women), the facility that we have – it’s a mini community of golf.

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What motivates you to keep golfing?
The game is played on a big canvas of green, so that’s the biggest motivation. And then during the international tournaments we get the opportunity to exchange our views with other players from home and abroad. The colorful decoration during the tournament. All of these attract me very much.

What’s the best thing about Golf?
Huge gathering, friendly gesture, social bonding.

To date, what is your proudest achievement in golf?
Winning the Aga Khan Gold Cup trophy. Of course, I have won many other trophies but
this one is the most precious.

What is your best memory with golf?
When I was a beginner, I made a hole-in-one. I felt so excited after doing it because it’s not
an easy thing to do at all. My name is written on the board of the club.

How do you manage your time for golf?
When you have special interest in anything, you will do it anyhow managing the time. Yes, I am managing director of our hospital named Dr Fazlul Haque Colorectal Hospital
Limited. I have to manage my family, have to look after everything.

Everyone in my family is a doctor and everyone is busy. But we all live in a joint family, so everything is on my shoulders. Yet I manage time for golf because I love it.

How do you plan on influencing other women to play golf?

My suggestion for women would be that golf is a game for socialisation, for friendly get-togethers, for slowly walking in the green which we need to do for our fitness. If any woman can make time in the morning or in the afternoon, they should play. We have tournaments, prize giving ceremonies and cultural programmes where we meet, enjoy dinner, raffle draw and have a lot of fun.


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