Proud of my achievements As a Golfer

Taslima Shirin may be most renowned as an amateur golfer but she has had a chequered life –from studying at a top university in UK to working in multinationals back at home. She gave up her brilliant career for her family, and found her biggest passion in golf. Now involved with a lot of social activities, the lady from the defence family maintains a great balance between her work and family life all the while enjoying the perks of golf. Following are the excerpts of an interview with her.

Could you provide our readers with a brief biography of yourself?
I was born in a defence family as my father was a naval officer. I was born and brought up in Chattogram from where I completed my schooling. I did my masters from Chittagong University and did an MBA from Newcastle University. I worked in two MNCs but due to my children and family, I gave up working. Me, my husband and the two daughters – all play golf. My elder daughter is a doctor while the younger one works for Nagad. All of them play golf from time to time.

Proud of my achievements As a Golfer

When did you start golfing and who introduced you to the game?
I started playing golf in 2000. My husband introduced me to the game. We are a golf-loving family.

What motivates you to keep going in golf?
Golf is a passion for me. When I play golf, I feel very energised — physically and mentally. Whenever I’m down, I go for a round of golf and return stress-free.

To date, what is your proudest golf accomplishment?
I have won trophies in golf both at home and abroad. I have around 300 trophies in my cabinet. I have won the green jacket twice (club championship in 2014 and 2016), I made two hole-in-one, I won gold in Aga Khan Gold Cup and bronze medals both in individual and team event of Bangladesh Games. I went to Thailand as a team manager. Winning and achieving so much as a homemaker gives me a lot of satisfaction and motivation to continue golfing.

What is the best memory you have related to golf?

I have many good memories in golf. After I started winning trophies, when I used to play in other golf clubs, people would say, ‘Mrs Yousuf has come, so everyone play seriously.’ That used to be fun. When we used to play in Jashore Cantonment, I won four trophies on the trot and they gave me another one just for this achievement.Proud of my achievements As a Golfer

What, according to you, are the best things about golf?
I think the fact that you play in a serene environment amid lush green gives you a different peace and calm. Golf also helps you consume Vitamin D, which is essential for our well-being. I prefer playing in warm and sunny weather. Furthermore, you get to make a lot of new friends there.

How do you manage your time, given that you are a home maker and an amateur golfer?
Since my father was a naval officer and my husband is an army officer, I have learned to manage time well. I was involved with BNCC during my school and college days. So I have this discipline in me. I also do a lot of social activities, for example I’m associated with old homes, with Winner Wheel and Subarta. I set my priorities and organise my schedule accordingly.

Do you and your husband play together; what happens when you win?
Of course we play together and we enjoy it a lot. We play matchplay. When he wins, I gift him something, and vice versa. It inspires us to play better.

Who plays better?
He is definitely better. He has a zero handicap and he has been adjudged as the best player in Bangladesh defence forces a few times.

How do you plan on influencing other women to play golf?
I do try to influence other women into playing golf. I tell them about the benefits of the game. I tell women to play when we are at a family get together or when I hang out with my friends or with colleagues.Proud of my achievements As a Golfer

What would be your message to homemakers?
My message to them is that they should make some time after all their household chores because this sport has a lot of benefits. You can make a lot of friends – both local and foreign – through this game which you can’t have staying at home. One can play this game at any age.

Does golf consume most of your free time?
I don’t invest my free time only on golf; I am involved with various other activities. I like doing home décor, cooking, gardening, etc. I do my prayers and take care of my family members. All of it gives me a balanced life.

Kids are spending more time on gadgets and social media than in sport. What is your opinion and suggestion to the parents?
The parents should involve kids with some sort of sporting activity to get them rid of addiction towards gaming and social media. The parents should take their children to sports, whether golf or any other, so that the kids get the interest in outdoor activities too.




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