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‘Never give up in pursuit of your dream’

Yasmin Rahman is the chairman of paragon Group, which is a big business conglomerate in Bangladesh. As one brought up in an industrialist’s family, it was predestined for her to get into family business. But Mrs Rahman used her education and wisdom to steer the company into newer ventures and onto bigger things. However, the biggest feature that shines through in an interview with The Golf House magazine was her humility and faith in almighty. We present you the excerpts of the interview here.

Tell us briefly about yourself ?
I’m currently the chairman of Paragon Group. I’ve studied home economics from Dhaka University. I joined business right after the completion of my education. I have two sons and a daughter, all of them are getting into our family business.

When did you start playing golf and who introduced you to the game?
I started out in 2006. Ahsanul Islam Titu, a state minister now, is very close to us. He encouraged us to join the sport. So, me and my husband came to the golf course one day and we instantly liked the atmosphere. All of us, including the children, gradually became members of the club. We enjoy being together and having a good time. My daughter doesn’t play much since she’s got married off, but my elder son plays with me and my husband. The younger son, too, joins us when he comes from abroad.

What motivated you to play regularly?
In fact I started playing golf in 2006 but there were a few breaks due to our business. So it’s been an on-and-off thing. However, since 2020 I’ve been regular and it’s the attraction of the game that pulls me back.

What, according to you, are the best things about golf
We are a very closely-knit family. The fact that we can all play this game together is the most satisfying thing for me.

What is your proudest achievement in golf?
I did a hole-in-one, probably in 2016. It was definitely the proudest and happiest moment for me.

Any special memories on the golf course that you would like to share?
When we play among friends, we bet a ball on the last hole. Whoever does the best in the last hole, wins the ball. That is a fun thing for us.

How do you manage your time?
We usually get up at around 5am. So when we play golf, we start around 6 am and finish off by 8am, and then we can go to our office.

Who plays the best golf in your family?
Our youngest son plays the best among us. He has the best swing and also the longest drives.

Who are your favourite golfers at home and abroad?Siddikur Rahman in Bangladesh because he let the world know that we can play golf. internationally Tiger Woods, because he’s the best.

How do you plan on influencing other women to play golf?
Golf needs patience. So we tell everyone to play golf. There are very few open spaces in Dhaka. So when we go to the golf club and play amid the green, full of oxygen, it feels so rewarding. As the lady captain of Tiger Golf Club, I’ve noticed that there are very few female golfers. But I always encourage women to play golf.

What would be your message to homemakers?
The first day I went to golf and took the club in my hand, I felt this wasn’t my cup of tea. But after I went home, I spoke to myself and convinced myself to try the game because if I didn’t, I would deprive myself and my family of some wonderful time. So I would ask homemakers to not give up.

Nowadays kids spend most of their time with gadgets and on social media. What is your suggestion for the parents?
In our company, we arrange an annual sports competition where participation for employees is a must. We try to incorporate sporting and physical activities in our culture because we believe sports are necessary for mental and physical growth and wellbeing of every individual.

Do you have any message for International Women’s Day?
You will face a lot of challenges in life. But if what you are willing to achieve benefits you and benefits others around you in family or in society, you should strive to achieve it and pray to God to make you succeed.

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