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What’s in my bag



Nelly korda

age 23
Bradenton, Fla.
Six wins on the
LPGA Tour, including
the 2021 KPMG
Women’s PGA
Championship. Also
won the 2021 Olympic
Gold Medal.
sister act
I’ve been swinging
golf clubs since
I started walking,
using those cute
plastic golf clubs at
first. As I got older,
I was never really
lacking for golf
equipment. I was
always getting
clubs from my older
sister, Jess, and I
would be very
happy when I would
get a full set. I was
that annoying little
sister who got
-with e. michael johnson

club yards*
driver 253
3-wood 240
7-wood 230
19˚hybrid 202
5-iron 187
6-iron 178
7-iron 163
8-iron 155
9-iron 140
pw 128
50˚ 115
54˚ 100
58˚ 84
* carry distance


specs Titleist TSi1, 10°, Graphite Design Tour
AD IZ 6S shaft.

Ever since my rookie year, I’ve struggled
to find a driver that suits me. I like to hit
a draw, and when I tested this one, I fell
in love with it. The slightly smaller look
appeals to me, too. I won at Lake Nona
the first week I put it in the bag.

fairway woods/hybrid

specs Titleist TSi2, 16.5°, Fujikura Ventus
Red 70S shaft; Titleist TSi2, 21°, Mitsubishi
Tensei AV Raw Blue 75S shaft; Ping G425, 19°,
Fujikura Ventus 80S.

I like that I can see the face on the
7-wood at address. I feel like I can hit
it high, and that’s what I need because
I tend to have a low trajectory


specs Titleist T100 (5-PW), Aerotech
SteelFiber i80cw F4 shafts, Golf Pride Tour
Velvet grips.

I’ll take a look at the new T100s at some
point, but the consistency of these will
be tough to beat. I hit controlled shots at
all times, a lot of 90 percenters. But when
you hit controlled shots, you’re generating
more speed. I’ve had irons in the past that
got a little jumpy with that, but not these.


specs Titleist Vokey SM8 (50°, 54°, 58°),
Aerotech SteelFiber i95cw S shafts.

A 4-degree gap has been my wedge setup
since I was a junior. My bounces are pretty
standard, and I don’t change them very
often. My boyfriend’s favorite number is 22,
so my 58-degree has 22s all over it. It
reminds me of him while I’m playing.


specs Scotty Cameron by Titleist Special
Select Squareback 2 tour prototype, 35 inches,
3.5 degrees, Scotty Cameron Pistolini grip.

This putter has a longer flange than the
putter I was using, and that longer align-
ment line works for me. As a junior I used
a lot of mallets, but I had a choppy stroke
back then. Going to a blade I could see and
feel my stroke smoothing out.

fun flair
I always raid the
putter-cover stash
when I go to Scotty
Cameron’s studio.
This one is fun. I’ve
had it for a couple of
years. I also have a
U.S.A. one from the
Solheim Cup. In all
I probably have more
than a dozen putter

By the numbers
my ball superstition
is using numbers 1,
2, 3, 4 on Thursday
through Sunday. I
was using the 2017
version of the Pro
V1 until going to
the 2021 model this
year. I get more peak
height and carry, and
it feels great around
the greens.

travel buddies
These tiny stuffed
animals hang on
my bag, and I travel
around the world
with them. My best
friend gave me lions,
and I have ones from
my mom, caddie
and from a Czech
children’s show. It’s
quite the group.



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