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The Hobart Masters: a holiday with a difference

Each year in January, over 300 golfers congregate in Hobart to spend a week of golf, fun and relaxation in picture-perfect weather during the Wrest Point Masters Golf Championship.

Your holiday starts as you land on the tarmac at Hobart International Airport. You don’t think much of the airport, there is one terminal, one baggage carousel and a few too many signs telling you to dispose of fruit and vegetables. You know you’re still in Australia but the air feels crisper and the locals refer to you in a friendly manner as a “mainlander”. In more ways than one it feels like you have travelled to a new country. You collect your bags from the carousel and transfer to the iconic Wrest Point Hotel & Casino – your home for the next week.


There is no question that you have arrived at the right hotel, there are golf clubs lining the reception hallway. The reception staff already know why you’re here. It’s been held at their hotel for the last 16 years.


As the sunset pours into the hotel foyer, familiar faces and new recruits catch up over some fine local vintages. The doors open and the stage is set – you’re in for awesome comedy entertainment and a great night.


Round 1 is here. Everyone piles onto the coach from Wrest Point. A few people get onto the wrong bus and the organisers make a joke of it. As the bus pulls into the golf courses, staff stands outside to make everyone feel welcome. There is a buzz and excitement in the air. Player announcements are made and the tournament is underway.


After golf, it’s time to let your hair down. The happy hour justifies you drinking
a little more than usual. The golf presentations aren’t as formal as you thought. The MC tells you more about what happened out there today, one golfer had his golf ball stolen by a crow, and there is now a warrant for the crow’s arrest, everyone laughs.


Time flies, you have laughed and laughed. Over 50 people are called on stage for
the award ceremony. There is cheering, jeering and it’s a whole lot of fun. It all ends with a dance band that plays all your favourite songs.


The Hobart Masters golf tournament, January 22-27 is a 72-hole single stableford event, open to all male and female amateur golfers aged 35+.

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