New BPGA president aims for holistic growth & global outreach of Bangladeshi golfers

The Bangladesh Professional Golfers’ Association (BPGA) is dedicated to enhancing the professional landscape of golf in Bangladesh. The newly elected president of the BPGA, Major General (retd) Masud Razzak, discussed the association’s current initiatives, emphasizing organizational restructuring, sponsorship acquisition, mental health support, and a unified approach with other golf institutions in an interview with The GolfHouse. His vision is to elevate the BPGA to new heights, ensuring better facilities, international exposure, and comprehensive support for professional golfers in the country. The excerpts of the interview are as follows

New BPGA president aims for holistic growth & global outreach of Bangladeshi golfersangladesh Professional Golfers’ Association (BPGA) is working hard to improve professional golfers and golf overall in Bangladesh. As the newly elected president of the association, how do you see its activities?
The term “professional” here refers to golfers who have chosen golf as their profession. Our primary mission is to enhance the facilities available in the country for professional golfers. We are committed to seeking out and utilizing all available resources, both domestically and internationally, to advance golf under the Bangladesh flag.

Which areas are the current committee focusing on?
At present, I believe we need to revisit the organizational structure of the BPGA. My team and I require additional advice and suggestions. Therefore, I plan to establish an advisory committee comprising all former presidents and general secretaries of the BPGA. This will be our first priority. Additionally, we need to focus on various other aspects, and we will address these areas progressively.

Sponsorship is a big issue for professional golfers. Many of our pros don’t have regular sponsors. Does BPGA have any plans in this regard?
Golf is often viewed as a sport for the privileged. I believe professional golfers should also be privileged, receiving education and adequate financial support to play without distractions. Our predecessors have secured prominent sponsors for tournaments, and I intend to continue this legacy. I will form a marketing team to identify potential sponsors. Moreover, I will ensure that 20 top professional golfers receive personal sponsorships to help them focus on their game and compete internationally. For others, sponsorship levels will be based on their performance, and we will take a holistic approach in this endeavor. Inshallah, we will strive to do our best.

How does the BPGA plan to enhance mental health support for golfers, considering its importance in their performance?
Mental health is crucial in sports, especially in golf, where a psycho-physical balance is essential. We will have physical trainers to prepare golfers for professional-level tournaments. Additionally, we will provide mentoring, psychological support, and meditation to help golfers maintain mental and physical well-being. This comprehensive approach is our priority, and you will soon see the implementation of these measures, including hiring psychiatrists, physical trainers, and mentors.

What is your overarching vision for the BPGA’s future?
With great pride, our team envisions making the BPGA bigger and better. Although BPGA is already established, we aim to elevate it further. Our slogan, “Bigger, Better BPGA,” encapsulates our ambition to achieve this vision by improving and expanding the association’s reach and impact.
As the president, you are the bridge between BPGA, BGF, and the Bangladesh Golf Academy. How do you plan to facilitate effective coordination among these entities?
Coordination among the Bangladesh Golf Federation (BGF), BPGA, and the Bangladesh Golf Academy, along with the Kurmitala Golf Club (KGC), is crucial. The KGC is the home for our professionals, and we cannot function without integrating these entities. We aim for a holistic approach where all organizations complement and coordinate with each other, ensuring mutual support and continued collaboration.

Is there any additional information or points you would like to share?
Thank you for this opportunity. I would like to convey a message to all my friends, predecessors, golfers, and valued sponsors: Please support us in developing golf in Bangladesh. Our golfers have the potential to carry our flag internationally, just like Siddikur Rahman, the only Bangladeshi golfer to participate in the Olympics. Golf has the potential to produce many such champions. With the right intentions and capable individuals, we can achieve remarkable results, Inshallah. Thank you very much. Let’s strive for a “Bigger, Better BPGA.”New BPGA president aims for holistic growth & global outreach of Bangladeshi golfers


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