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BSRM never compromises with its values

Bangladesh Steel Re-rolling Mills Ltd (BSRM) is the largest steel manufacturing company and one of the prominent corporate houses in Bangladesh. With the largest steel producing factory in the country and employing the best technology from Europe, the company maintains volume with uncompromising quality. And the man who runs the day-to-day affairs as its Managing Director is Aameir Alihussain. The eldest son of the Chairman of the company, Aameir was born in 1975. He joined the family business in 2001 and aims to set high industry standards for the performance of the company. He graduated in Economics from McGill University, Canada and did his MBA from LUMS University. Here he speaks about the company’s values, it’s success story and the company’s association with golf.

Aameir Alihussain, Managing Director, BSRM

BSRM has been associated with golf for a long time. What is the motivation behind patronisation of golf?

We have been supporting golf for a while. Our idea is to support sports and culture because these things can involve and unite people. We look forward to supporting something which can help not only sports but can also benefit the society as a whole.

BSRM is a widely recognised brand in Bangladesh. Does BSRM have any plan to sponsor individual golfers?

We sponsor professional golf. We also have an amateur tournament at the Bhatiary Golf & Country Club. As a company, we have a lot of commitments. We try to promote the game, but we haven’t done any sponsorship at individual level yet. We may consider this option in future.

Do you participate in golf yourself?

I used to play a lot once upon a time. I used to play early in the morning. But I haven’t played in the last three years. I don’t get time to play anymore.

What do you do in your leisure time?

I usually spend my weekends with my family. It’s just one day, so if I come to the golf club on that day I would basically have no weekend.

What is your daily routine?

I usually spend whole day at work, either at the office or at the factory. Then there are other agendas to attend. I reach home usually at around 7:30pm or 8:00pm and spend the rest of the time at home if there is no invitation in the night.

What is your breakfast menu?

I like to have healthy breakfast with vegetables, roti and other things.

What does success mean to you?

Success is something you achieve when you are committed and dedicated and you believe in what you’re doing. If you follow certain values, abide by ethical behaviour, have respect for each other with dedication and commitment to your work, you will become successful. But you have to be patient, success will not come overnight.

What is the secret to the success of BSRM?

We are a very old brand. We started manufacturing steel in 1952. I belong to the third generation of this company. We don’t compromise on our values. We follow ethical business procedure and we don’t compromise with quality. These things have been passed on for generations.

How should the young generation build their lives?

Young generation should focus on their studies. They should keep a healthy balance between studies, sports and social activities. Social activities create a sense of empathy among people as they become more aware of their surroundings. Schools should encourage these practices. If you go into corporate world, a balanced personality gives you a big advantage. You need to also work hard on your plans and not expect someone else to give you something.

What are the targets of BSRM in near future?

BSRM has been growing for many years. We have been making growth keeping with the pace of growth of the country. Going forward, we expect we will continue to grow further. The next 20-25 years will be the time for Asia, for Bangladesh and for our company.

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