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Best Golf Instructional DVDs for Women

Slim pickings. Instructional DVDs aimed specifically at women golfers are rare, unfortunately. And surprisingly: There are many more female teaching pros today, and you’d think some of them would have stepped into this niche by now.

But we do have a few selections for you here. Also note that women golfers don’t need to find women-specific instructional programs, although they may be more comfortable doing so. So our other recommendations for best instruction DVDs – Best General Golf Instruction DVDs and Best Short Game Instructional DVDs – are worth checking out.

‘The Secret Weapon Series’

This 4-disc DVD set is a companion set to the book A Girl’s On-Course Survival Guide (compare prices) by Christina Ricci (no, not that Christina Ricci). The book contains great, basic how-to information, and segments on the DVDs are pegged to segments in the book. The DVDs cover accuracy, distance, trouble shots and specialty shots, and scoring from 100 yards and in. Note that Ricci is not a golf instructor, but someone who took up golf, worked hard to become a single-digit handicapper, and realized women like her needed better, easier-to-grasp guidance.

‘Women’s Golf’

This DVD is a little over an hour long and covers instruction for women golfers from Dede Owens, Annette Thompson, Carolyn Hill, Muffin Spencer-Devlin and Peggy Kirk – all “name” instructors (particularly the Hall of Famer Bell). Instruction flows from tee to green. Originally released in 2003.

‘Golf for Ladies Only’

Featuring the instruction of Cindy Reid, one of the top female golf instructors. The DVD is only 50 minutes long, so this is not comprehensive – Reid’s focus is on areas she feels women golfers can most improve (e.g., driver distance, short game).

‘Beginning Golf for Women’

Originally a 2-volume VHS set released in the mid-1990s. The DVD features the instruction of for LPGA Tour golfer Donna White. This DVD focuses on basics and is particularly well-liked by beginners.

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