The Bangladesh Golf Federation (BGF) was established in 2001. Since then it has been working under the National Sports Council of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. About 39000 golf courses are available throughout the world. Bangladesh has only 14 golf grounds. Golf was on track in Bangladesh in the 1950s. At that time clubs were not regulated by any apex body until the late 1990s. Then, BGF has taken responsibility as the main body of golf in Bangladesh. Recently, BGF has taken numerous initiatives to include different training programs for underprivileged golfers. At present, both amateurs and professional golfers in
Bangladesh have left marks in the international arena.

Golf helps physical fitness. Research showed that regular playing of golf strengthens the spine and core muscles as well as encourages kids to involve other games. Golf is a low-intensity and non-contact sport. This activity provides vital cardiovascular exercise that endorses overall health benefits. Golf games are safe and gentle sports.

Golf motivates people to love nature. People get outside by this game, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine. Most of the golf courses are maintained with beautiful landscaped, allowing anyone who plays to enjoy the beauty of the trees and flowers on-site, as well as a wide variety of birds and other animals that live in and around the

Playing golf also benefits vision. A natural way to combat this is with regular outdoor activity and to focus on objects beyond away. Golf is a great way to accomplish both of these, helping this issue and preventing the development of nearsightedness in children. So golf enhances health as well as mental benefits for humans.

Golf can be played alone or with partners in small groups. Golf can be also played as a team sport, encouraging team spirit, relationship building, and healthy competition. As a result, Golf fosters friendships. It is a great opportunity to bond over, create memories, and build long-term friendships. Golf also builds business skills. In addition, Golf improves decision-making skills, etiquette, and working relationship with others.

Golf also teaches patience. Playing golf is an excellent lesson in the virtue of patience. Golf
is not a fast-paced game, with players often needing to wait patiently for their turn. It can also take a lot of time and practice to see even small improvements in skill levels and golf scores. The patience learned from playing golf can translate to every other aspect of life too. It is clear that Golf enhances self-development and improves the relationship with others for people among their society.

Golf teaches responsibility and discipline. There are many rules to the game of golf, but the rules can be introduced slowly to golfers, at a pace that makes sense to their abilities. But learning the rules of the game teaches people to have self-discipline and follow rules even in other areas of their lives such as at home or profession.

Golf also teaches honesty. Due to the nature of the game, it would be easy for anyone to cheat a little by moving the ball or adjusting their score, but people will quickly learn the values of honesty and integrity by playing Golf the right way. Consequently, Golf improves honesty and dignity for people in their community.

Nowadays, levels of stress are increasing, especially for those living in capital cities. Many factors contribute to stress, such as work and career competition, financial problems, and traffic. If stress is not managed it can lead to many problems. Moderate to high-intensity stress can cause psychological disorders that lead to anxiety, depression, and eating disturbances. Unfortunately, not many people have the access, time, or knowledge of the right methods to treat their stress. A study from the University of Maryland found that moderate exercise, such as playing golf, may reduce existing anxiety and can protect
people against future anxiety and stress. Moderate exercise like golf is also more effective than quiet rest at reducing anxiety.

The Green Exercise Research Team at the University of Essex found that being exposed to
nature improves psychological health by reducing stress levels, enhancing mood and self-esteem, and offering a restorative environment that enables people to relax, unwind, and recharge their batteries. People who suffer from stress usually exclude themselves from their friends. They avoid seeing their friends and need time alone. However,
rather than excluding themselves, stressed people need a supportive environment. People under stress require the presence of others to give them support. Playing golf can toughen and beat the sense of loneliness. It allows us to share stories and get positive feedback from others in a relaxing and unconditional environment.

Physical exercise produces endorphins chemical in the brain that acts as natural painkillers. It can improve our ability to relax, sleep, and also reduce stress. Playing golf takes concentration. If we keep our mind on something engaging and exciting it can distract us from thinking about our problems. Not only that, having a sense of achievement about
something like finishing the game can boost our self-esteem and confidence in dealing with our everyday problems. In conclusion, rather than using unhealthy ways of reducing stress, playing golf can be a positive option to combat stress. Playing golf is a combination of relaxation from being in nature, having a supportive environment
by making friends with other people, having a touch of good competition to increase our self worth, and getting our body fit to support our positive mind.

Golf is not yet popular among community people. However, several golf courses are visible
in Bangladesh. Access to golf courses is limited for all people. It needs financial ability along with social status. Otherwise, it is impossible to access all people in golf throughout the world. Any how access to golf throughout the country will be helpful for good health and mental benefits, building relationships, dignity, and honesty, level of confidant as well as reducing stress and anxiety of people in their real life.

Dr. Mohammad Zahangeer Alam is a Member of BOF Golf Club, Gazipur Cantonment

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