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Mohammed Mohsin is a name which represents the sum of many life experiences, beliefs and initiation of modern work processes. He was born on April 2, 1956 in a respected family in Dhaka. His father, late Mr. Al-Haj Abdur Rahim, called the steel king of Bangladesh, was from proper Dhaka. His mother was from Bikrumpur. He feels fortunate to be a member of a well educated and respected family.

Mr. Mohsin started to develop an interest in engineering from high school. He was always inquisitive about learning how things work. His father had a small foundry & workshop (1958) which he used to visit often. He learnt from many people including Dr. O. J. Karst- Head of the department of mathematics, University of South Florida, Tampa, USA. Mr. Karst helped Mr. Mohsin become analytical and become a confident person. Another great man, Charles Jones, the president of Lectromelt USA, encouraged him in setting up the steel plant in Bangladesh.

How and when did you start playing golf?

I started playing golf back in 2005 at the Kurmitola Golf Club. Before that I used to be in a lot of other sports like squash, racket ball and football. I had a few friends who used to play golf. They encouraged me to start playing. I had a misconception like many others that golf is a lazy game. But once I came in and started playing, my whole idea changed. Golf is nothing like any other sport. It’s a life saving game. It is very addictive and a very difficult game.

What is your golfing routine?

I normally play in the morning. I usually play three to four days a week. I come to the golf course after the fajr prayers and finish my golfing session by 8am. These days I sometimes play in the night if I have meetings and emergency stuff in the morning.

How was your first golfing experience?

I do remember my first golfing experience pretty well. When I first came, Siddikur (Rahman) was a caddie. My friend told me that he is pretty good and you should learn from him. So I took lessons from him for three months before starting on my own.

What was your first iron?


How many balls did you lose on your first day at the course?

I believe if you don’t lose balls, you won’t have the determination to do well in golf. I didn’t lose too many though, one or two in each round, sometimes three or four at most.

Your favourite golfing destinations?

Singapore is very nice; there are nice golf courses in China too. Those are very well maintained. They repair the divot after each shot. They of course have the budget to do these things. The game is challenging there and many hazards involved so that it’s difficult to score big.

Do you play when you go abroad?

I do play sometimes when I go to the USA or Singapore. I’ll be going to Hong Kong for a convention soon, where I hope I can play a round of golf. Golfers can work out their time to play golf.

Who is your favourite golfer?

Phil Mickelson is my favourite. He’s playing even at this age and is still winning.

Are there any other golfers in your family?

I have pushed my son to golf. Now he is on track, comes to the golf course twice or thrice a week.

What is it that attracts you most to golf?

Firstly, the greenery. Secondly, the people you meet in golf and you get to learn so many new things from them.

Your worst nightmare in golf?

I hit two hole-in-ones in my career. I almost hit a third, but the ball dropped into the hole and within a fraction of a second, it popped out. It was a nightmare for me.

Most memorable experience in golf?

Becoming the champion in the Mobil Cup in 2017.

How does golf help you in business?

The best thing is it clears your mind. It relaxes you like nothing else. And the network you build through golf is pretty handy too

Tell us a bit about your company.

we are a steel conglomerate. My father started this business in 1995. My team expanded it into power while adding backward and forward linkages into the steel industry. We also export chemicals. We started ship building plates in Bangladesh. In Cryogenic Gas or Oxygen Acetylene, we are number two in Bangladesh. We started this business 25 years ago. It is a big experience for us.

What is your life lesson that you would like to convey to the young generation?

Start living your life, don’t wait too long. Get into some sort of sports. Golf could be a good one. Sports makes one a better person. Secondly, use your time effectively.

What else is your passion?

Reading. I read a lot of books. I have my own library, even though I haven’t read all the books of the library. I buy a lot of books. I buy paintings as well.

Have you been to the book fair recently?

Not this year. The last time I went to the book fair was three years ago.

Which teams do you support in football?

There was a club named EPIDC during Pakistan period which we used to support. Since then I have supported Abahani. Among the foreign clubs, I support Real Madrid.

Do you have a secret talent?

I like negotiation. It’s a big art. Negotiating is not bargaining. You have to know the psyche of the opponent. It must be a win-win situation in which you both gain from the negotiation. I study about it and use it a lot in real life.

Do you have any regrets in life?

I should have started golf earlier.

If you were given a choice, where would you go and live?

I would love to go to Boston, where I spent a year. It’s a lovely place. Another place I would love to spend time in is Venice. I have not seen any other peaceful place like Venice.

If you were told you have only one day left to live, what would you have done?

That’s a very tough question. I would look back at life. I would talk to my family. I wouldn’t ask them what I’ve been able to give them, but I would want to know which wish of theirs I haven’t been able to meet.

How is Rahim Steel sponsoring or patronising golf?

We have been doing a few things. We are sponsoring one of the holes at the BGCC — the bridge hole. We would renovate that. We are helping caddies as part of our CSR activities.

Do you have any plans to sponsor any pros?

We do have a plan along with a few others. We haven’t yet decided who we will sponsor, but we definitely will do so.

Any message or suggestion for TheGolfHouse?

It’s a good thing you started this magazine. Golf wasn’t that popular five or seven years back. Golf brightened the image of the country. Golf is a yardstick of a country’s development. I would hope your magazine keeps up the good work.


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