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The Man Who Shapes Future Golfers

Brigadier General Kazi Iftekharul Alam has been a keen golfer and golf administrator for more than a decade. With years of experience in course development and administration of golf behind him, Iftekhar is now leading the one and only golf academy in the country. And he dreams that one day students of this academy will earn laurels for the nation from all over the world. Following are the excerpts of his interview

How did you get associated with golf?
I became associated with golf in 2010, initially as a novice. It was during my tenure as the Second in Command of an Infantry Regiment that I was introduced to the sport. My Commanding Officer at the time, Lieutenant Colonel Firoz, who currently holds prominent positions as the Chairman of the Bangladesh Golf Academy and President of the Army Golf Club, served as a source of inspiration and encouragement for me to take up golf. Subsequently, when I assumed the role of Commanding Officer within the unit, the General Officer Commanding, Major General Ehtesham, actively promoted golf among his officers, including myself.

Under his guidance, what began as encouragement gradually evolved into a directive for officers under his command to partake in golf during holidays. Thus, my initiation into golf was initially obligatory, but it soon transformed into a passion. My golfing journey commenced at the Rangpur Golf Club, where I began honing my skills and nurturing my love for the game.

What is your proudest moment in golf?
While I anticipate that my proudest moment in golf is still on the horizon, a noteworthy achievement stands out in my journey. During the Aga Khan Golf tournament held this February, I secured a commendable ninth-place finish, earning the privilege to progress to the second day of play. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in my golfing endeavors thus far, symbolizing the culmination of dedication and effort devoted to mastering the sport.

Any funny memories on the golf course?
During the last tournament at the Army Golf Club, likely the Navana Cup, I attempted a conventional shot but misjudged the distance, resulting in the ball landing in the pond. As a consequence, I missed out on one of the trophies, making it a humorous moment for me in retrospect.

Kazi Iftekharul Alam on the course of Army Golf Club

the cornerstone of effective leadership lies in the principles of honesty, hard work, and discipline

Bangladesh Golf Academy is the first and only golf academy in the country. Tell us about its current activities.
The Bangladesh Golf Academy, being the pioneering and sole golf academy in the country, is actively engaged in a diverse range of activities. Our current agenda includes hosting nine distinct courses tailored to various skill levels, all meticulously organized and overseen by the academy. Among these, we offer foundation and basic courses specifically designed for junior golfers, alongside specialized programs catering to specific skill enhancements.

Throughout the year, we are proud to conduct courses tailored for underprivileged golfers, with the support of our primary stakeholder, the R&A. This initiative underscores our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility within the sport, ensuring that golf remains an opportunity available to all segments of society.

How much is the course expense here for golfers?
The course expenses for local golfers typically range from 7000 to 8000 taka, while foreign students are charged 10,000 taka. The duration of the course spans eight weeks, with classes, comprising both theoretical and practical sessions, conducted on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Who are your target students?
Our primary focus is on students below the age of 18. We aim to engage with various schools and institutions to attract children who are eager to learn the game of golf and aspire to represent our country on national and international platforms.

How do you convince parents?
We advocate for parents to enroll their children in the academy by highlighting the myriad benefits golf offers beyond the game itself. Golf fosters camaraderie and friendship, providing a supportive environment for social interaction and personal growth. Through this sport, children cultivate valuable traits such as sportsmanship and discipline, instilling a sense of responsibility and integrity. Moreover, participation in golf offeWrs a positive alternative to negative influences prevalent in society, keeping children engaged in constructive activities and away from harmful influences. Parents can rest assured knowing that their children are in a secure environment that promotes mental well-being and personal development.

Bangladesh Golf Academy patronize the underprivilege golfer through out the year

What is your dream about the academy?
My dream is to see this academy producing golfers who will represent the academy overseas and make us and the country proud.

What, according to you, is the secret to being a good leader?
A In my view, the cornerstone of effective leadership lies in the principles of honesty, hard work, and discipline. These fundamental virtues serve as the bedrock for successful leadership, consistently yielding positive results and garnering respect from those under one’s guidance. Similarly, these principles are integral to shaping a golfer into a prudent and accomplished player, underpinning their journey towards success on the course.

Your favourite golfing destinations?
My favourite golfing destination in the country is the Bhatiary Golf and Country Club. After that is the Kurmitola Golf Club.

What is it about Bhatiary that you like most?
ABhatiary Golf & Country Club (BGCC) has held my fascination since 2021, and it continues to captivate me with its natural splendor and picturesque landscapes. The allure of the club lies not only in its breathtaking surroundings but also in the diversity and intricacy of its golf course layout. My affinity for BGCC deepened during my tenure as Vice President (Finance and Administration) from 2022 to 2023, during which I had the privilege of contributing to the development and enhancement of both the course and the overall club infrastructure

Another club in your bucket list?
AExploring new golfing experiences is always an exciting prospect for me. While I’ve been deeply involved in the development and inauguration of the Bogura Golf Club, my playing experiences in Bogura and Cumilla are still pending. Therefore, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to tee off at these clubs, along with the esteemed Bangladesh Ordnance Factory Golf Club (BOF) in Gazipur, adding them to my list of golfing adventures.

Bangladesh Golf Academy patronize the underprivilege golfer through out the year

If you had the opportunity to change a rule in golf, what would it be?
While the established rules of golf are internationally recognized and revered, they are not subject to arbitrary change. However, if granted the chance to introduce a new regulation, I would advocate for a prerequisite that mandates golfers to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the course before engaging in play. This proactive measure would ensure that players possess a comprehensive understanding of the course layout, hazards, and nuances, thereby promoting fair and informed competition while enhancing overall enjoyment of the game.

The best advice you got on golf?
The most invaluable guidance I’ve received regarding golf came from my former caddie, Jaan E Alam. His timeless wisdom resonated with me deeply, as he consistently emphasized the importance of perseverance and resilience on the course. His counsel to never surrender, regardless of the circumstances, and to regard each shot with equal significance, has remained a guiding principle in my approach to the game.

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