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Major General Mashud Razzaq, ndc, afwc, psc, GOC 66 Division, Area Commander Rangpur Area, and also President of Rangpur Golf Club, is the main architect behind the nine-hole course at the Rangpur Golf and Country Club. He hopes that the golf course will be one of the finest of its kind and will turn into a signature landmark in the Northern Part of the Country. Here is an interview of Major General Mashud Razzaq covering various aspects of the golf course and its probable impact.

Q: The Rangpur Golf and Country Club is the northernmost golf club in the country. Share with us the background story of this golf course.

A: I first came to know about the initiative in 2013 when I was working with the Bangladesh Golf Federation as the President, Junior Division Golf. My predecessor Major General Salahuddin Miazi undertook a resolution to shift the course to where it has been done now. Brigadier General (Retired) Selim Akhter did some sketch work for a layout of 18-hole course. However, it did not proceed further due to limitation of space. Eventually, when I became the President of RGC, I also felt the urgency and necessity of shifting the existing course for many reasons including safety. Consequently, we started to work on it since 2016.

Major_General_Mashud_Razzaq_ndc_afwc_ psc_GOC_66_Division,_Area_Commander_Rangpur_Area
       Major General Mashud Razzaq, ndc, afwc, psc, GOC 66 Division, Area Commander Rangpur Area

Q: How challenging was the task of building a golf course?

A: It was not easy, to say the least. Limited space and constraints of fund have been there. However, the President BGF – The Chief of Army Staff gave his kind verbal consent and job became easy for me. I had a wonderful team and had the support of the Executive Committee and the Members of the Club. Therefore, in less than a year, it was possible on our part to finish the first and most crucial part of the work.

Q: What drove you to set up this golf course?

A: There were many. Our existing course has been curved out of play grounds and makeshift land. It was very small and had innumerable crossings. Access to the club was also an issue. Meanwhile, golf is gaining in popularity in the area. Of particular consideration was the need for offering the facility to the desirous ones including the investors and businessmen. All these realities made us think of shifting the course.

Q: Kindly throw some light on the present state of the golf course and its upgrading in the future.

A: We have drawn a master plan for an 18-hole course. However, given the need and management capacity, we have developed 9 Holes for now. The club starts today with a provisional club house and practice facilities. Our next phase of development will be to set up the club house in its planned location and establishing all the practice facilities. In due course of time, as the demand increases, the course can be expanded to 18 holes.

is the main architect behind the nine-hole course at the Rangpur Golf and Country Club

Q: Please talk us through the road to implementation of the project.

I already gave you the background. My special thanks goes to Brigadier General Fazal – the designer of the course for accommodating all that were there in my wish list. The initial plan had to be altered on numerous occasions and my team was up to it. We had to withstand a record flood as well. Indeed, before we undertook the earthwork, we witnessed two monsoon and two lean seasons to figure out the impact of the seasons. Today I am sanguine that the course will be able survive the usual rigor and stay alive round the year.

Q: What is your vision regarding this golf course and its overall impact?

A: I can tell you that this golf club will be a signature place for the whole Rangpur division. The scenic riverside beauty, the nature park next to it, and, possible facilities that would come up in due time – will draw everyone’s imagination. It will have a positive impact on the life and living of the surroundings. Besides, it will now be easily accessible to all the members and will draw larger crowd. Last but not the least, it will have a significant impact towards economic development of the area.


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