Friday, September 22, 2023
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Thankful to my family

Mohammad Russel, a 22-year-old amateur golfer from Comilla, has already made an impression at the local scene. The young golfer hopes that with continued support from his family and a bit of help from sponsors, he can leave a mark in overseas events as well.

Q: Let’s start with the question we ask every golfer. How did you get involved with golf?

A: I came to the Comilla Golf Club with Farhad in 2006. I was a ball boy initially. We were given two days’ opportunity each week to practice while we were ball boys. A year later, a Banglalink tournament held where I finished 35th. Siddikur bhai won the title that time. He won three titles in a row in that season. I played alongside him and I was inspired watching him.

Q: How has your career developed since?

A: In 2012, General Monir sir gave scholarship to five of our golfers. I did well in the Bangladesh Games which encouraged Selim Akter sir to get me enrolled in R&A. Then I finished first in Faldo Series in 2015 and I went to China to participate in the global event of the Faldo Series. I did well there too. After returning home, I could not do very well. I played three amateur tournaments in KGC, in two of which I did very well.

Q: What do you think is your best achievement so far?

A: The last time I went to Vietnam, I was the leader after Day 1. Golfers from 24 countries took part in that tournament. I ended at five-under. I learnt a lot from that event. In fact I have learnt a lot since I came to Dhaka.

Q: What is your future plan?

A: My plan is to play well and play on the European Tour one day. I know it’s easier said than done but I will work hard for this and will need the support too. I’m following a routine set by Morshed sir. I think I can do better with further trainings.

Q: What have you learnt from your trips abroad?

A: The thing is that there is not much difference between the foreigners and us. We need to work hard and work on our basics. I follow teaching methods on the internet and try to put those to use.

Q: How was your performance last season and what is your plan for this season?

A: The last season went pretty well. I won the Runner Cup and won the hole-in-one trophy there. I did pretty well in Vietnam and in the Faldo Series. I’ll be going to New Zealand with Akbar and I will try to give my best there. However, we need support to do well. We need more sponsorship.

Q: Does your family support you?

A: Thankfully my family is very considerate and supportive of me. My parents tell me to continue playing golf and hence I can play without any stress.



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