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Mahi leaving for his dream

Afnan Mahmud Mahi, a member of the Bangladesh national team, will be playing in the first division of US National College Athletics Association after securing a scholarship from Alabama State University. The 18-year-old golfer from Dhaka, son of golf administrator Major (retd) Mahmud, will be leaving Dhaka in the first week of August to start his four-year scholarship course.

Mahi had participated in two amateur tournaments in USA last year. He won one of those events, and that made some of the coaches interested in him. They contacted Mahi and offered him a lucrative scholarship contract. This scholarship, Mahi feels, will be the doorway to his playing in the US PGA Tour.

TheGolfHouse magazine caught up with this golf prodigy on this occasion and talked about various aspects of the scholarship as well as his future goals in golf.

Q: You got a scholarship from the Alabama State University. What is your feeling?

A: I’ve been planning to get this scholarship in American college golf for the last two years. I sent at least 300/400 e-mails to coaches in this time. Last year when I went for a training, I played two tournaments and won one of those. I got offer from three universities after that and the best offer among those was from the Alabama State University. The coach’s name is Gary Randison, he came to see me play and was impressed. I will play NCA Division I for the next three-four years.

Q: How much support do you get from your father?

A: Both my parents are very helpful in this regard. They don’t only help in golf, but also in all aspects of life. My dad still calls us after 10pm and shows us a 30-minute motivational video. He supported me so much in the last 3 to 4 years.

Q: Your dad says the whole family lives golf. Explain this.

A: Yes that’s true. Golf is a mental game and you could talk a lot about the mental aspect of the game. We always discuss golf among our family members.

Q: What is your target in golf?

A: My target is to become a tour player and play a lot of years on tour. I want to play in PGA Tour. I am taking mental and physical preparation for that.

Q: Those who want to take scholarship in golf like you, what can they do?

A: Those who are interested should contact universities and coaches of different universities right after they finish schooling. The requirements are all given on these university websites. You have to approach them and send them your swing videos and impress them. Not everyone will reply, and not everyone will accept. You will also have to do your SAT to go to America. America is the best place to play golf and study. College golf should be the target for young golfers.

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