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Happy with golfers’ performance

two gold, oneSilver and two bronze medals. In this competition, KGC earned In an interview with TheGolfHouse, Kurmitola Golf Club’s Chief Executive Officer Brig Gen GSM Hamidur Rahman (Retd) expressed his satisfaction of the club golfers in the Bangabandhu 9th Bangladesh Games. He also spoke about the activities and efforts undertaken to continue golf and help golfers during the pandemic

Golf Clubs were closed for a long time. Clubs opened in December and again closed down in April due to the second wave of the coronavirus. How did KGC survive this challenge?

The closure was for about nine months. KGC mainly found three challenges: firstly, continuing the maintenance work, then strain on income and lastly the economic condition of the caddies and ball boys. However, we evolved a system for maintenance work by least possible personnel. For the cadies and ball boys, we constantly strived hard for their help. Many organizations, golf members,defence organizations regularly helped them in terms of cash and kinds. Though it was very hard on us, we could sustain it.

Has there been any development activities at the KGC during this time?

KGC always gives importance to development of golf in Bangladesh. During the last one year, we nourished the national team here. In addition, Army Team was also given full facilities of training. Furthermore, we recently bought few modern equipments for better maintenance of the course.

As the venue partner, how challenging was organizing the Bangabandhu 9th Bangladesh Games where around 160 players and officials participated?

The mega event was indeed a challenge for us mainly due to the Covid-19 situation; you may remember that countrywide general lockdown started from 5 April, 2021. As such we had to ensure Covid-19 safely protocol 100 percent for all persons engaged in the event. Almighty was kind as the event was successful without any Covid-19 or other issues.

How did you ensure safety measures like physical distancing and all that?

Time to time, Bangladesh Government issued safety protocol. In accordance, Bangladesh Golf Federation also gave elaborate action oriented instructions for us. Accordingly we applied few safety and physical distancing protocols since December 2020. Avoidance of multi-touch, cent percent use of mask, use of sanitizerswere the backbone of our safety effort.

How was the performance of the KGC golfers in the event?  Are you satisfied?

KGC earned the highest number of medals, so I am quite happy with the performance.

What philanthropic/charity activities did KGC undertake during the pandemic?

The charity activities we undertookweremonetary help to caddies and ball boys, Eid bonus and arranging food and safety items for them as well as for KGC staff.

What are the challenges that you face in maintaining the course during the pandemic?

Yes, there were quite bit of challengein maintaining the course during the pandemic. For due reasons, we could not afford to engage 100 percent staff throughout the period. The number of daily labour also reduced to one fourth. But with the hard work and dedication of all members, we could successfully maintain the course. The main challenge was to keep the staff safe from Covid-19 while keeping the course maintained.

Do you have any message for the members?

Only message for our respected members is stay home to stay safe.  May Allah bless us all.


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