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Grand Hill A Golfer’s Paradise in Chengdu, China

Nestled within the picturesque Guan ling development area, a mere 30-minute drive from the bustling Chengdu city center, lies the Chengdu Grand Hill International Golf Club—a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking both challenge and serenity amidst nature’s embrace. Since its inauguration in 2009, this architectural marvel, crafted by the renowned U.S. professional golf design firm JMP Group, has captured the hearts of golfers worldwide with its unparalleled beauty and formidable layout. Spanning an expansive area of approximately 4200 square meters, the Grand Hill Golf Club embodies the epitome of harmony between human ingenuity and natural splendor. The unique topography and vegetation, aptly named “Safari,” serve as the canvas upon which this golfing masterpiece unfolds, offering players an immersive experience in the lap of nature’s bounty.

TGC members are clicking picture in front of the Grand Hill light house

From the moment you step onto the meticulously manicured fairways, adorned with verdant forests, tranquil lakes, and meandering orchards, it becomes evident that every aspect of the course has been meticulously crafted to provide both a formidable challenge and a feast for the senses. Delicate marble stone bridges span crystal-clear streams, while green hillocks and sandy traps punctuate the landscape, adding layers of complexity to each stroke.

Despite its formidable reputation, the Chengdu Grand Hill International Golf Club caters to golfers of all skill levels, with well-designed fairways that seamlessly blend with the natural terrain. Whether you’re a seasoned pro seeking a test of skill or a novice looking to hone your craft, the diverse challenges presented by the course promise an exhilarating experience for all.

Light House In Grand Hill Chengdu, China

With 142 bunkers strategically scattered across the course and smaller, undulating greens demanding precision and nerve, every swing becomes a calculated endeavor, testing the mettle of even the most seasoned players. For those seeking respite from the rigors of the game, pavilions dot the landscape, providing the perfect setting to pause, reflect, and soak in the awe-inspiring vistas that surround.

The iconic bridge of Grand Hill

Beyond its merits as a premier golfing destination, the Chengdu Grand Hill International Golf Club also serves as a versatile venue for a myriad of events, from corporate gatherings to intimate family dinners. Whether entertaining esteemed clients or simply enjoying a leisurely meal with loved ones, the club’s exquisite ambiance and impeccable service ensure that every occasion is memorable.
For those eager to experience the grandeur of the Chengdu Grand Hill International Golf Club firsthand, reservations can be made directly through the club’s contact information provided below. Whether embarking on a solo adventure or planning a memorable outing with friends and family, this esteemed establishment promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of golfing excellence.

Most of the greens are tricky and very wide here at Grand Hill
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