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“Golf is an integral Part of Our Life now”

Nazrul Muhammad Islam, FCA, is the Managing Director and CEO of RunnerLube and Energy Limited. He along with his wife and their two young kids take so much interest in golf, that they cannot think about life without this sport.

Mr. Nazrul, How did introduction to Golf happened in your life?

Back in 2002, MrTipu Sultan, the then member of the finance committee of this club, brought me here. We went to the range and I hit a few balls. It was very difficult but I found it very interesting and thought I should start playing this game. But it ended there. Then during COVID, I started playing at Army Golf Club along with my family. Things got interesting from there.

Mrs. Nazrul, how wasyour reaction when he asked you to join him?

Initially I was very surprised. I didn’t know if I would be able to play, but then I started enjoying the game as we came to the club with the whole family.

What do you enjoy about family golf with your kids?

Our kids enjoy it a lot. They were only three and four and half when they were introduced to golf. They like it because it’s a game where you need to show a lot of good qualities, and they are learning everyday.

Golf can be played for a long time. Do you agree with this assertion?

Golf is a game which requires you to be very accurate and demonstrate highest level of patience too. It’s a game where you can have a good time in a good environment. It’s a game which one can continue for a long time whether he’s a professional or an amateur.

In today’s world when the internet and television occupy a large part of our daily life, how does golf find its place?

If you want to keep children away from the tab and the cell phone, bringing them to the golf course is the best option.

Most of the time we play together, sometimes we play separately too

How do you two get along in golf?

Most of the time we play together, sometimes we play separately too. Now we all enjoy being at the golf course. Now this is part of our life. We can’t think about our life without golf.

Mrs. Nazul, how do you plan on influencing other women to play golf?

Actually, I play with my family and I’m enjoying my time. This place is amazing. So, any woman can do the same. I would ask them to come and enjoy the game and the place.

What do you enjoy most about golf?

The game itself is something we should enjoy and can enjoy. There are 18 holes and every hole comes with a different challenge. Every shot needs to be accurate. You need to be careful about your direction and swing and so many other things. And then there is the bond that you develop with your fellow golfers over time, which is invaluable.

How many courses have you played in so far?

I played in four courses with my family. I’ve played in Australia and some other countries.

How about the golfing community and clubs in Dhaka such as Passionate Golf Club etc.?

Passionate Golfer as the name goes is a group of golfers with high passion about golf. Some of them are very serious golfers while some play for fun. They are really enjoying golfing in this country. They have a good plan to take golf to somewhere.

What lesson, if any, have you learned from this game?

We’ve learnt so many lessons. First of all, there are etiquettes that we have to follow. Dress code, attitude, pace of play, approach with other players – all these things we’ve learnt along the way. Then of course you develop passion and patience through this game. We have a lot of good memories also, some of which are associated with our kids. They have their schools and other extracurricular activities, yet they find time to come here. They come here and feel fresh no matter how hard it is for them at times. There are many memories which we are collecting each day.

Do you have any messages for couples who are not playing golf yet?

There are a few. There’s a saying that golf is a rich man’s game, but that’s not true. There are clubs where membership is not that expensive. You can come with your family and spend some good time here. If you come with your wife, it will be easier to bring the kids here. I think it’s a very good game where one can come with his or her spouse or with the entire family.

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