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Brig Gen Md Shahidul Islam

I am the chief surgeon and chief urologist of Armed Forces Medical College, Dhaka. Back in the days, I used to watch my peers play golf, but naturally, I did not understand it at first and did not see why someone would enjoy it. In early 2014, I was transferred to Jashore. Compared to the busy life in Dhaka, I had more time to spend away from work in Jashore. I saw my peers, mainly psychiatrists and surgeons, participating and they encouraged me to go to the golf club and participate in the game. As time went by I realized that golf is a fantastic way of spending quality time. To add to the benefits, we would walk an average of 4km everyday which is a godsend as our busy and demanding profession leaves little room for self-care and exercise. All in all, it is a fantastic way of both physical and mental recreation. It is also friendly for people who are getting older. It also encourages me to pray regularly as we wake up early to go to the golf club. My posting in Jashore owes a lot to my enthusiasm for golf.


Brigadier General Azizul Islam

I am the professor of psychiatry of armed forces medical college and adviser psychiatrist of CMH, Dhaka. Since I work with the mind, I think that is what I should talk about. In the hectic and digital world, people are extremely stressed. And as everyone knows, it is very important that people have a way to relieve that stress, that they dedicate some time to fun and exercise in a way that helps drive the mental strain to a minimum. In a way, golf holds a very important place with me as it gives me a way to relax and have fun with my friends and peers, and helps create incredible bonds with people I play with. This friendship is also a valuable thing that golf offers. And as my peers have mentioned, it is both a physical and mental way of recreation as well as being a social platform for one to expand their horizons. Many bring their families, many play with their friends, seniors, juniors and I encourage everyone to participate in golf as the natural beauty, the spirit of competition and the social aspect is rarely found elsewhere.

Brig Gen Rezaul karim

I am the advisor orthopedic surgeon and the head of the department of orthopedics, CMH, Dhaka. My journey with golf began in 2003, and it was also in Jashore where I had my initial experiences with golf. My start with golf was rather unconventional. One day I returned to CMH in the evening and found that none of my senior or junior colleagues were there. I asked around and learned that everyone went to attend a program held by a cultural team from Dhaka. I asked why I was not invited, and was told that it was a program circled around golf and for people who play golf. My curiosity to attend the cultural program was in fact the reason behind me starting to play golf. I soon realized what a fantastic sport I have been missing out on, and through the sport I learned the importance of truthfulness and teamwork, because we had to declare our own scores. I also got to spend quality time with my peers away from all the stress. As an orthopedic surgeon, from a physical point of view, golf involves a lot of walking, stretching and other physical activities as well as being in a stress free and social environment. All in all, it is an all-inclusive sport that brings together people of all ages and allows everyone to socialize in a healthy environment while keeping us hea


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