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Want to emulate Siddikur

Amateur golfer and national team member Shafiq Bagha wants to follow Siddikur’s footsteps and become a renowned golfer like him


Q: How did you come to golf?

A: I started as a ball boy and started playing a bit around 2011. I played in a few amateur tournaments before Selim Akhtar sir took notice of me and sponsored me for R&A in 2014.  Now I’m playing for the national team.

Q: How many tournaments have you played so far?

A: I have participated in five tournaments. The first tournament I played in was in Nepal. Our team did well there and we earned the confidence that we could do well in golf.

Q: What is your plan for this year?

A: My prime target is to keep my fitness. If I can stay fit, I would target winning the2018 amateur tournament.

Q: What sort of fitness regime do you pursue?

A: Fitness is the most important thing for a golfer. Without fitness, you can’t perform for four days. So I do whatever is needed to keep my body fit. Apart from that I do 200 chipping, 200 swings everyday and I practice twice a week on the course.

Q: Mental aspect is also very important in this game. Are you taking any training in that regard?

A: Meditation is necessary for every golfer because he needs to keep himself away from all worries and thoughts while he’s playing. So I’m doing a bit of meditation too.

Q: What is your future plan regarding golf?

A: My future plan is to become a good golfer and bring laurels for the nation. We are all inspired by Siddikur Rahman and we want to emulate him.

Q: You are being sponsored by Trust Bank. This must be very gratifying for you?

A: I must have done well so that Trust Bank is sponsoring me. I thank Mr. Matiur Rahman in this regard. Yunus Group and Sandhani have also helped me a lot. I thank them for their support.

Q: What do you do outside of golf? How do you spend your leisure?

A: I get one day’s break from golf. So I try to stay cheerful during that day. I spend time with my family members.

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