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Young golfer Zahin Ahmed

Young golfer Zahin Ahmed

How did you come into golf?

I used to play cricket, but when my father became a member of the Shaheen Golf and Country Club in 2014, I started to take interest in golf. Later due to my father’s encouragement, I gave up cricket in 2016 and shifted to golf.

You became a club champion. Who inspired you most in this regard?

My father and uncle as well as my trainer inspired me most. The rest was due to my hard work.

How many days a week do you play?

I play four days a week. I come to the club at around 10am and play with my trainer. Then again I practice on my own in the afternoon.

Do you find it hard to strike a balance between study and golf?

The remaining three days that I don’t come to the golf club, I don’t go out anywhere else and concentrate on my studies. I give extra effort on my studies to make up for the time I spend at the golf club.

Do you follow any golfers in particular?

I follow Tiger Woods and Siddikur Rahman.

What is your future plan regarding golf?

My plan is to do well in BPGA, PGTI and then become a regular on Asian Tour.

What are you studying currently? What do your friends say about your passion for golf?

I’m studying in first year of higher secondary school. My friends know about my golfing and they encourage me too.

Why do you think a young man should play golf?

Golf is an interesting game. You can know a lot about yourself and your character through golf. It also helps you get relief from stress.

Is Shaheen Golf Club the only course where you played in?

I mostly play at Shaheen, but I also play two or three times a month at the Bhatiary Golf and Country Club. I only once played outside of Chittagong, that was during Federation Cup in Dhaka.

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