Sunday, September 24, 2023
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TGC & DDGA members visits KEPZ golf course

The members of Tiger Golf Club (TGC) and Dhaka Diplomatic Golf Association (DDGA) pay a golfing visit to the KEPZ Golf course, Karnaphuli, Chattagra recently.

Around 35 golfers &corporates, Ambassadors, Tiger Golf Club members and KEPZ golf members played a friendly round of golf there at KEPZ Golf course.
The KEPZ Golf Course in (KEGC) only course has entry restrictions, located in the Korean Export Processing Zone Anowara, Chattogram.

Tiger Golf Club association(TGCA) started its journey in 2011. Tiger golf club conducts friendly tournaments regularly along with Dhaka Diplomatic Golf Association. On average TGC organizes at least 5/6 tournaments & events in each quarter and they have a program of organizing friendly tournaments with different countries. By this initiative investors and ex-pats take home good memories of Bangladesh!
Golf is one of the best developed and international sports.

This game of advanced taste is also called the favorite sport of diplomats and corporate businessmen. The top two organizations in Bangladesh are Tiger Golf Club (TGC) and Dhaka Diplomatic Golf Association (DDGA).

The Tiger Golf Club (TGC) usually consists of diplomats, entrepreneurs and other top personalities who run the organization. On the other hand, the Dhaka Diplomatic Golf Association (DDGA) is made up of diplomats only and its members are also included in various foreign embassies located in Bangladesh.

However, there is considerable harmony and amicable communication between the two organizations.
Recently, the new board of directors of these two golf associations has been formed. The new President of Tiger Golf Club (TGC) has been appointed by the Ambassador of Brazil to Bangladesh, Mr. Joao Tabazara de Oliveira. Mr. Mostafa Osman, Ambassador of Turkey to Bangladesh became the Alternate President of TGC.



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