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Playing golf in the Rain

If you play in wet weather all the time, get yourself some good stuff that will last a long time. An umbrella will help protect you from the wind and rain. Towels – Bring extra towels and gloves and hang them on the inside of your umbrella to help keep them as dry as possible so you can use them during your round. Wear a Hat – Wear a hat to help you stay warm and also to keep the rain out of your eyes.

Keep Your Grips Dry – Wipe the grip and shaft after every shot to help keep the grips dry and avoid your hands slipping during a swing.

Umbrella – A must! An umbrella will help protect you from the wind and rain.

Towels – Bring extra towels and gloves and hang them on the inside of your umbrella to help keep them as dry as possible so you can use them during your round.

Wear a Hat – Wear a hat to help you stay warm and also to keep the rain out of your eyes.

Proper Gear – You will need to invest in proper gear, including a waterproof jacket and pants, footwear and rain gloves. This gear should be considered part of your equipment and is very important to playing well in the rain and staying warm.

Rain Hood – Use your rain hood for your golf bag to help keep your clubs dry. There are also many rain hoods on the market that will provide rain protection for your entire golf bag.

Know How the Rain Affects the Golf Ball – When the ball and grass are wet the grooves of your irons will fill with water. When the grooves are compromised by the water you won’t produce as much backspin on the ball resulting in semi-flyer shots. However, you won’t get more distance than usual because the weather conditions will offset the spinless flight of the ball. Try taking one club more than usual to ensure better approach shots. This will also help you to make a controlled and balanced swing to prevent slipping.

Grip Down on the Club – When the ground becomes saturated with water you will sink. So to avoid hitting fat shots grip down on the club the same amount you feel that you sink into the ground. Usually ¼ to ½ inches is an appropriate amount to help promote solid contact.

Putting In The Rain – When putting in the rain the dimples will fill up with water and you will not be able to make clean contact with the ball. As a result the ball will slip at impact and on the initial roll. To help promote a smoother roll in the rain keep your golf ball dry as long as possible. Try lining your putt up using your marker instead of the ball. Set the ball down only when you are ready to stroke the putt.

Wet Sand – When hitting the ball out of wet sand the ball usually comes out faster and farther than out of dry sand. So to avoid hitting over the green, swing easy with good balance.





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