The fundamentals of a golf swing can often be overlooked as golfers go in search of a magical fix; the one movement that suddenly corrects all the long-standing problems so
that the golfer hits the ball consistently straight forever more.

Sadly, this is not a reality. Improving your swing is a process, rather than an epiphany.
That process starts at the very beginning with how you set up the golf ball. When you
watch professional golfers, you will notice everyone has a different golf swing and a
different tempo, however, you’ll see that they all have similarities in how they set up to the
ball. One of the main consistencies is where the golfers’ weight is positioned at address.MAKE A GREAT SWING!

This has a huge impact on how they move the club away in the backswing and what
compensations are required throughout their swing. If you start with your weight back
on your heels, there is a good chance you will swing the club inside in your takeaway, thus
needing to lift the club upwards to complete your backswing. If you start with your weight
too far forwards on your toes, then you may struggle to keep your balance throughout

position before taking address.
correct address position with bottom just touching the wall

your swing resulting in you standing up in your backswing to stop yourself falling
forwards.At address, your weight should be on the balls of your feet; this is normally
somewhere close to the first lace on your golf shoes. Having your weight here will help you
maintain an athletic position to start your swing from. The two pictures below show
common faults we see when golfers have their weight in the wrong position at address To help you correctly feel where your weight should be, stand facing away from a wall, with
about 3-4 inches of space between your heels and the wall. From this position, address your 6-iron. If you do it correctly, then you should be able to take your address position with your bottom just touching the wall.



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