Looking at Kunming 

It was a wonderful experience playing golf in Spring City Golf Course and Lake View Golf Course in Kunming, China. I have played at a good number of golf courses in many other countries but this was unique to play as one of the TGC team members. I had the opportunity to play with our great host Mr Lee, who did not just play well but also graphed the championship. To my utter surprise, I found him doing so many things together- managing and tying up all ends of the trip and giving instructions for his own business, all while playing with us.

I did not play very well but was happy for the small achievements here and there. If I may mention one, I discovered that Zahid Bhai, who was a nice company, does not drive the Cart. Infact, he does not drive at all. I made him hold the steering of the Cart and he found it very interesting and drove it throughout the course of the game, without letting any of us take over.

Prizes were awarded to the most deserving ones. If I were in the Judgement Team I would have recommended for two more prizes to two equally deserving individuals. One is Sreweta, wife of Mr Kedar Lele, for being a new and keen golfer. She had been playing golf all day long like a seasoned lady golfer. I promise I shall cater a special prize for her next time. The second would be Shahin Apa, who was a keen golfer and I found her to be highly energetic. After playing a round of golf she had energy to take all the ladies (Non golfers) to explore Kunming, and giving company to her husband, Milu Bhai in a Coffee Shop.

In the end, I must thank Brigadier General Manzur, a fun loving person and a great organizer for his dynamic role and the Golf Captain Mr Kedar Lele for his jubilant and cheerful conduct. I would like to express heartfelt regards to all the team members for making this trip a grand success which I will never forget and would be looking forward to be a part of such events in the future.