Q: Tell us about yourself and how you picked the game.

A: My name is Rajeen Morshed Fida. I’m studying in Class VIII. I started playing golf two years ago while we were in Rangpur. My father encouraged me to play golf. I had friends there who also gave me encouragement. Now we are in Savar and I’m playing here too.

Q: Do your friends know that you play golf and do they get interested to come to the game seeing you?

A: Yes, it happens. Many of them didn’t use to play, but I told them to play. They liked it and they play well now.

Q: What is your future target?

A: My target is to become a pro and I’m working hard on it. But I’m not neglecting my studies; always try to make a fine balance between playing golf and my studies. My family is very supportive of my playing golf.

Q: What do you like most about golf?

A: The best moment is when you make a good contact on your drive. Other than that if someone gives me company, it’s a good way to spend time. I like playing with my dad.

Q: You’ve won five tournaments on the trot, right?

A: Yes, the first tournament I played here, I won. Then I won three more before winning the HOSAF President’s Cup.

Q: Did you play in the BAGC event?

A: Bashundhara Open was my first amateur tournament. Playing with the pros was special. I didn’t play too well, yet it was a great experience.

Q: What lessons do you take from golf?

A: Golf is a game of class. It’s a very regulated game and no indiscipline takes place here.

Q: What is your ambition in life?

A: My ambition is to continue my studies as well as playing golf. Yet I haven’t decided whether I will take the game as profession or not.

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