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‘Leadbetter Academy can offer a lot outside golf’


The academy’s general manager Major Shahjahan says while discussing different aspects of it with TheGolfHouse

Q: Leadbetter Golf Academy is the first private indoor golf academy in Bangladesh. Tell us about the activities of the first six months of this academy?

A: We have started with the latest technology. We must thank David Leadbetter for bringing such technology and teaching techniques to Bangladesh. We offer four-year courses with teaching method prescribed by Leadbetter himself. We offer courses in four categories, and we have 119 students currently. Our target group is 4-10 year-olds and we aim to have 400 students. Most of the students are school students, and relatives of members of the golf clubs. Out of the 119 students, 48 are regular students while the rest are part-time.

Q: How is the expenditure for courses here?

A: The cost is reasonable compared to other academies of the world. We have junior/kids group, one senior group and one for the ladies. We have another category for those who neither fall into kids group nor in junior group. We offer flexibility to these students regarding number of classes and expense. We have subsidized the cost because golf is not that popular here, but we don’t compromise with our teaching method. We have two certified foreign trainers here, one from Korea and one from UK. We also have other trainers who have certificates from the regional office in Thailand.

Q: What is the target regarding getting golfers to a certain standard?

A: Our target is to produce quality golfers, who can represent the country at international level. Out of the 119 students, we have found some promising golfers in kids group who I think can do well in future. It’s easier to mould the students when they are at the root level. We focus on technique, fitness, psychology, etc of the golfers.

Q: What do you have to say to parents who are willing to get their kids in golf?

A: We don’t want that education of the students is hampered due to golf. We are open seven days a week so that the kids can play at the time of their choice. They can also enjoy the environment here. This should help develop a good human being in the golfer. The staff, including administrative people, are qualified too. So we are equipped with people who can give these kids a proper guideline to a professional and disciplined life.

Q: TheGolfHouse has passed two years. You have overseen its progress over time. What is your impression of the magazine?

A: I think it’s a blessing to our golf. The magazine has come a long way and I hope will go further. I am very happy to see the progress the magazine has made.

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