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Form and Function Crafting a harmony between functionality and brand identity

Briefly tell us about Minimal Ltd’s background.
It’s 2016, when six young minds with different educational backgrounds have come together to build a meaningful thing that inspires them, cherishes their dreams and creates solvency, by allowing creative gestures. 7 years after the inception of Minimal Limited, we have a greater vision to become the foremost lifestyle brand, introducing a great way of living. Minimal is uniquely identified with sensible design thinking and a connection to heritage and culture. Our goal is to make your space feel connected and alive, while maintaining balance and harmony, by having less but meaningful items.

What was the client’s requirement from the project?
The project had specific requirements such as implementing an open office concept
with Milvik’s global theme while ensuring energy efficiency. We tried to deliver a fully
operational solution that would meet the client’s expectations. When they approached
us, they were already paying the rent of that commercial space, so we had to deliver
the whole project with in 33 days. Also, we managed to complete the project within the
tight budget that was provided to us.

When did the project start and how long did it take to complete?
The project at Milvik’s Head Office commenced in early April 2022 and concluded 33 days later in May 2022.

How much area does the project cover?
Covering a floor area of 3400 square feet, Milvik’s office strategically positioned in one
of the busiest commercial hub of Dhaka.

As an architect, how do you use elements to turn spaces into places where people
want to work?
We strongly believe that a peaceful ambiance has a positive impact on employees. Our
office interior design includes spacious open areas with ample lighting, comfortable ergonomic furniture, and inviting warm color schemes. Our goal was to create an environment where individuals wouldn’t feel like they’re just coming to work, but rather experience a sense of repose and inspiration.Tell us about the idea and concept behind the project.
Milvik Bangladesh Limited, as a company they deal with insurance & health services,
embodying trust and connections, which we effectively conveyed through the
incorporation of their brand colors. Our design approach harmoniously fused
aesthetics with their brand identity, highlighting the company’s values to their
customers and clients. Another pivotal aspect was the significance of natural light.
As an consultant we emphasized the need to preserve the prominence of natural lighting
alongside artificial illumination during daytime hours. Thus, our objective was to
optimize the utilization of natural light for energy efficiency. In addition, we aimed to
create a pleasant working atmosphere that would lessen the stress on staff. We carefully
planned the office’s layout to make sure that every space, including the dining area,
conference rooms, and open workstations, radiated a friendly atmosphere that was free
of clutter or monotony. This project was driven by the underlying goal of fostering a
sense of warmth and openness throughout the workspace, which informed our design
decisions at every step.

What type of materials have you used in this project? Are they locally sourced?
For the workstation leg, we opted for mild steel to ensure robust support and stability.
The table tops were carefully crafted using pre-laminate particle board or lamination
board, which not only offers durability but also adds an aesthetically pleasing finish.
To create separation between workspaces, we employed perforated metal mesh,
providing an artistic touch while maintaining an open and collaborative atmosphere.
In terms of lighting, we decided on linear fixtures, ensuring consistent illumination
throughout the space. For a touch of nature, we incorporated vertical green elements
using biodegradable geobags, offering a refreshing and eco-friendly setting. Lastly, we
considered easy-to-clean colors, streamlining maintenance and ensuring the longevity of
the design. These material choices were made with utmost consideration for functionality,
aesthetics, and environmental consciousness.

Our goal was to create
an environment where
individuals wouldn’t feel
like they’re just coming
to work, but rather
experience a sense of
repose and inspiration.

Can you tell us about the segmentation of the project?
The project has been segmented into three distinct zones, each designed to serve
different purposes. The first zone is the public zone, intended for everyone entering
the premises. This zone encompasses spaces like the welcoming waiting area or lobby and the reception zone, creating a favorable first impression for visitors. Moving on to the second zone, we have the Privileged zone, which includes areas such as the meeting room, dining room, and the prayer room. These spaces provide a balance between privacy and accessibility, catering to the needs of both employees and guests. Lastly, we have the private zone, which is restricted to specific employees. This zone comprises individual workspaces and designated meeting rooms, ensuring confidentiality and concentration.
The functions are organized in a way that creates a simple, smooth, and practical
flow between different spaces. This flow is achieved by carefully planning the circulation
and zoning, clearly defining the public, semi public, and work areas.

Tell us about the interior details, color palate, furniture and lighting.
The interior of the space is designed with attention to detail, incorporating a pleasing
color palette that compliments the brand’s colors. To avoid a gloomy atmosphere, the
ceiling is painted in a dark tone. The furniture includes ample table space with drawers for
organization, along with a cozy lounge area. To create a warm ambiance, soft and warm
lighting is chosen, while white light is used for workstations.

Any particular construction detail you want to discuss?
The reception area has been thoughtfully adorned to reflect the brand’s identity,
leaving a lasting impression on visitors. The incorporation of greenery through High Pressure Laminate adds a touch of nature, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the

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