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Bentgrass is a type of turfgrass used on some golf courses. It is a “cool-season grass,” and it is often the first choice of grass for putting greens in any climate in which it can be grown.

Bentgrass is characterized by very thin blades that grow densely and can be very closely mown, resulting in a felt-like smoothness to the putting surface.

Bentgrass is a type of turfgrass used on some golf courses TheGolfHouse

Bentgrasses are tolerant of cold, but not too fond of heat.

Most courses in hotter climates use a different type of grass, such as the heat-tolerant bermudagrass. But if a golf course in a warmer climate really wants bentgrass greens, it can spend a lot of money to install underground air cooling systems beneath its greens to keep bentgrass roots cool. Augusta National Golf Club, for example, has sub-green cooling systems for its bentgrass greens.

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Also Known As: The shorthand “bent” or “bent greens” is often used.

Alternate Spellings: Bent grass

Examples: Augusta National used to have bermudagrass greens, but switched to bentgrass for a smoother putting surface.


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