The Best Way to Clean Your Clubs

The Best Way to Clean Your Clubs
By Lt. Col. Kamrul Hassan

Cleaning your own golf clubs is inexpensive, easy-to-do, and will leave you feeling satisfied with the end result.
In fact, many golfers enjoy cleaning their own clubs; because it gives them an opportunity to evaluate each club’s playing condition. But before we get into the best way to clean your golf clubs, let’s first cover why it’s important.

Why is it important?

Having dirt on your golf clubs can negatively affect your performance on the course. There are actually little grooves on the face of the club that add spin to your shot. When these grooves clog up with dirt, it can hinder the distance and accuracy of your club.

To keep your clubs looking clean and playing like they did on day one, we put together this brief guide covering the best way to clean your golf clubs in seven simple steps.

1. Prepare The Cleaning Solution
Prepare the cleaning solution by filling a bucket or sink with a few inches of warm water. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot, as high temperatures can damage your club. Next, add a drop of dish washing liquid and allow the solution to become soapy.
2. Soak The Iron Head Of The ClubThe Best Way to Clean Your Clubs
Soak only the iron head of the club in the soapy bucket of water. Be sure to fully submerge the heads of the clubs in the soapy solution. Let the iron head of the club soak for about two minutes to help remove or loosen up any dirt, sand, mud, or oils.
3. Clean The Dirt Out Of The Club Head Grooves
Clean the dirt out of the club head grooves. Use a wire club brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the grooves on the head of the club to remove any and all dirt. Also, be sure to brush the sides and sole of the club to get rid of any lingering debris. Be careful as not to scratch the club by brushing too hard!
4. Rinse The Iron Head Using Warm Water
Once you’re done with the scrubbing and soaking process, rinse the iron head of the club under warm water to get rid of the excess soap. Be sure not to get the other parts of the club wet when rinsing.
5. Dry Your Club
Dry your club completely with a soft rag or towel. As you’re drying your club, inspect to grooves to make sure you removed all the dirt and grime.
6. Clean The Club Grip
Clean the grip on your club with a warm, damp rag. Be sure to remove any oil, dirt, grime or mud that may have a negative effect on your ability to grip the club. Be sure to inspect the grip of your during this process to determine if replacement is necessary. Then, dry your grip with a clean dry towel.
7. Final Check
Before placing the club back into your golf bag, verify that it’s thoroughly cleaned and dried.


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