Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Studio.o is an architecture firm that specializes in interior design and
implementation. Referencing an article recently published on AD interior design is
about ‘Understanding how a space impacts its inhabitants is the heart of an interior
designer’s work. How a space makes us think, feel, and act are all important aspects of our
lives—and whether you realize it or not, the interior design profession has a profound
impact on well-being.’

I, Sudeshna S Chowdhury, have been working on interior focused projects since 2013 under a partnership firm, Dot Architects. In 2020 I initiated my own platform, Studio.o with the vision of creating meaningful spaces, to fulfil our partners need and optimizing their space in all aspects. We strive to call our clients partners, working collaboratively to bring
our collective vision to existence. Studio.o’s portfolio consists mainly on commercial
and residential projects. Additionally, we have enjoyed designing a significant number
of restaurants, salons and retails outlets in the heart of Dhaka. Now we are working on
several large-scale projects in collaborationwith Binyash, led by my mentor and professor
Architect Rahat Niaz. His inspiration, support and guidance has been pivotal in building
what my firm is to day.Apart from design we heavily focus on implementation, as we believe attention to
detail, design longevity and satisfaction of completing the project is what drives our
practice. Over the past few years, we have consciously realized the importance of
the quality of the projects that we deliver. Eventually we want it to be rated on a global
platform and want our projects to stand the test of time.


The new age architecture and interior is constantly evolving. It’s a time when the
design scene is going through a paradigm shift. There is a fusion of different stylesand there is a reality between concept and execution. It’s a competitive market
with high deliverables. With the growing infrastructure development and the number
of ongoing construction projects, there is a lot of positive change one can expect from
our country.

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